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Coronavirus Update 12.3.20 Posted on 13 Mar 2020

From today Thursday 12/3/2020

1. Anyone with a fever (>37.8 or anyone who feels they have a fever) or anyone with a new continuous cough needs to just self isolate for 7 days in case they have Corona virus.
2. They do not need to call 111 and shouldn’t call or visit their GP practice either.
3. They can self certify their illness.
4. They will not get swabbed unless they are unwell enough to be admitted to hospital.
5. If they become unwell during this time then they need to contact 111 for advice, not the GP surgery.
6. At the moment other household contacts do not need to self isolate.
7. After 7 days they can return to work (even if cough still present).
8. If they have had close contact with a swabbed positive case they should already have been informed to self isolate for 14 days. They can self certify for 7 days and get the other 7 days from 111.

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