Patient Participation Group

Online Facebook Virtual Patient Participation Group

Are you interested in finding out more about our practice and the development of health services?

Waterloo Medical Centre are seeking patients to join our new Virtual Patient Participation Group via Facebook. We’re looking for people from all sections of the community to join our group to discuss ideas about the practice and it’s service to patient’s.

If you would like to be involved in our Facebook Patient Participation Group you will need to have an account with Facebook, then search for Waterloo Medical Centre’s Facebook page, choose groups and then choose Waterloo Medical Centre PPG.

Your request to join will then be sent to the administrator of our Patient Participation Group.

Join our closed Facebook group and be a part of our Patient Participation Group:

Patient Link Group Form

Patient Link Group Form

Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15

Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15 (PDF, 310KB)

Patient Survey 2013/14

Patient Participation Annual Report 2014

Patient Survey 2012/13

Patient Participation Report 2012-13
Patient Link Survey Results 2012-13 (PDF, 304KB)

Patient Survey 2011/12

Patient Link Survey Results 2011-12 (PDF, 40KB)

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